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How to prepare soy milk


2 cups of Soya beans
Vanilla flavour
1 milk cup of sugar
Pineapple flavour
2 litres of water


 Wash beans in cold water, remove skin, resoak beans in hot water overnight.

Grind into a bowl in the morning, and add more water, filter with clean cloth or water sieve.

Put inside a clean pot and boil for 30 minutes, remove foam from top while boiling.

Add 1 milk cup of sugar, vanilla and pineapple flavour and leave to cool.

Your soya milk is ready, refrigerate and serve chilled.

Nutritional Benefits

Soya milk is rich in protein, it is nutritious to both children and adults, especially for child growth and development.

If you can prepare soya milk for your children at home, do so, ice cream and milk also enhances children's brain function.

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