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How To Make Fruit Salad


1 big sized watermelon
2 bunches of banana
5 cucumber
1 big pineapple
10 oranges
1 big sized pawpaw
5 apples.

Other Ingredients includes;

Ice cube
Ice cream

 Fruit Salad Preparation

Peel watermelon, pineapple, pawpaw, oranges, bananas one after the other and place in separate bowls.

Remove the seeds from watermelon and prickles from the pineapple. Dice watermelon, bananas, pawpaw, cucumber, apple and half of pineapple in different containers.

Extract the juice of orange and the remaining half part of the pineapple.

Fruit Salad Procedure

Mix the extracted juice of pineapple and orange together inside a big container. Mix all the diced Ingredients together, place inside the juice and chill.

Serve in juice cup and scoop ice cream on top of the fruit salad, you can also put ice cube inside it.

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