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How to prepare meat pie

Ingredients For Meat Pie;

a. 500 grams minced meat
b. 3 big Irish potato
c. 2 medium sized carrots
d. Garlic
e. 1 medium sized onion
f. Seasoning cube
g. Spices: curry, thyme, white pepper, tomato paste (optional).

Basic Recipe For Short Crust Pastry - For Meat Pie Filling

Ingredients For Short Crust Pastry;

a. 450 grams of plain flour
b. 120 grams of butter
c. ½ teaspoon of salt
d. 16-20 tablespoons of ice water.

Method Of Preparation

Sift flour with butter and salt. Rub in fat to a sandy texture. Make a hole in the centre, add the cold water and combine.

Handle gently.

Method Of Preparation

Meat Pie Filling;

Dice and boil potatoes and carrot, heat oil, saute onions and garlic then add minced meat and cook thoroughly.

Add tomato paste, spices, salt and diced potatoes and carrots. Dredge the working surface with flour.

Roll out pastry and cut into shape. Put in filling centre. Fold over and seal the edge with finger tips and a little pressure.

Then use fork for designing. Glaze with beaten egg to give a shiny appearance.

 Bake on greased oven tray in moderate oven of 180°c for about 20-30 minutes.

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